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Ways to Help Your Child Avoid Eczema Triggers

Ways to Help Your Child Avoid Eczema Triggers

If you avoid the triggers that make your child’s eczema flare up, you can spare them the itchy, reddened skin that makes them miserable. Here are some ways you can help protect your child from eczema triggers and effectively manage the condition.
Feb 2nd, 2024
My Child Was Stung by a Bee: What Should I Do?

My Child Was Stung by a Bee: What Should I Do?

When a bee stings your child, they may panic – but don’t join them! A measured response ensures your child’s comfort and safety. Here’s what to do if your child is stung by a bee.
Dec 2nd, 2023
How Can I Prevent Hives?

How Can I Prevent Hives?

Hives cause itchy, uncomfortable bumps that can make your child miserable and scared. Hives typically result from specific triggers. Here’s how to figure out your child’s triggers so you can prevent hives in the future.
Oct 1st, 2023
How Can I Determine Which Foods My Child is Allergic To?

How Can I Determine Which Foods My Child is Allergic To?

Food allergy symptoms can be scary. To complicate the situation, it’s not always easy to tell what food is causing the symptoms. Learn some ways to identify your child’s food allergy triggers and how to manage them.
Aug 1st, 2023
What Triggers Eczema Flare-ups?

What Triggers Eczema Flare-ups?

When your child has eczema, you want to help them avoid the discomfort of flare-ups. Not everyone has the same triggers, but being aware of the most common ones can help your child avoid unwanted outbreaks.
Jun 1st, 2023
How to Treat Your Child's Bee Sting

How to Treat Your Child's Bee Sting

A bee sting can be scary to a child and parent. Treatment at home is pretty straightforward, but if you notice any extreme or unusual reaction, get professional medical care right away.
May 1st, 2023

Is Asthma Life-Threatening?

If your child is diagnosed with asthma, you’re rightfully concerned. In many cases, asthma is a nuisance that can be managed easily. But, some cases of asthma can lead to life-threatening attacks. Here’s what to know.
Apr 3rd, 2023
Is Circumcision Necessary for My Baby Boy?

Is Circumcision Necessary for My Baby Boy?

If you’re pregnant with a baby boy, or just gave birth to one, you’ll be asked about circumcision. Circumcision is not a medical necessity, but offers many benefits to your baby now and as an adult. Here are some things to consider.
Mar 1st, 2023
Do Hives Go Away on Their Own?

Do Hives Go Away on Their Own?

Hives can appear and disappear for no clear reason. You may have an episode of hives and never have them again. But, chronic hives recur daily or weekly. Here’s what to know if your child has chronic hives.
Jan 1st, 2023
Can Food Allergies Be Life-Threatening?

Can Food Allergies Be Life-Threatening?

Food allergies are unpredictable. Even if your child has mild symptoms at first, the severity of the reaction can increase with repeated exposure. Food allergies can even be life-threatening. Here’s what to know.
Dec 5th, 2022
I Found a Tick on My Child's Scalp: What Should I Do?

I Found a Tick on My Child's Scalp: What Should I Do?

Kids that play outside in North Carolina are going to come into contact with the many ticks that live in the state. When you discover one on your child’s scalp, take these steps to remove it and get your child the necessary follow-up care.
Nov 1st, 2022
Home Remedies to Quickly Calm an Eczema Flare-up

Home Remedies to Quickly Calm an Eczema Flare-up

It’s hard to watch your child struggle with the itchy, dry skin of eczema. Here’s how you can help calm flare-ups with home remedies so your little one suffers less and can enjoy school, playtime, and other aspects of being a kid.
Oct 9th, 2022
How to Prepare Your Child for Another Football Season

How to Prepare Your Child for Another Football Season

School is starting, and with it, football season. Take these steps to make sure your child is ready for the rigors of practice and play. Proper planning helps your child avoid unnecessary injury and thrive on the team.
Sep 1st, 2022
Do I Have to Circumcise My Baby Right Away?

Do I Have to Circumcise My Baby Right Away?

Removal of the penile foreskin isn’t required, but many parents choose circumcision for aesthetic and health reasons. You don’t have to circumcise your baby right away, but waiting can make the procedure riskier and more complicated.
Aug 8th, 2022
Can Sun Exposure Cause Hives?

Can Sun Exposure Cause Hives?

When your summer fun in the sun makes your child break out in hives, it’s a cause for concern. Sun reactions are relatively common and here’s what you can do about them.
Jun 1st, 2022
What to Do When You Find a Tick on Your Body

What to Do When You Find a Tick on Your Body

Finding a tick on your body or your child’s can be scary. After all, they’re associated with some serious diseases. Here’s what to do if you find a tick and how to safely remove it.
May 1st, 2022
Three Health Benefits of Circumcision

Three Health Benefits of Circumcision

If you’re the proud parent of a newborn boy, you have to decide whether to have him circumcised. The process of cutting the foreskin to expose the head of the penis has a number of health benefits.
Apr 1st, 2022
Understanding the Benefits of Childhood Vaccinations

Understanding the Benefits of Childhood Vaccinations

Vaccines are one of the most important preventive care measures you can take for your child. They stop devastating diseases from affecting your child and the community as a whole. Here’s why you should prioritize childhood vaccinations.
Mar 1st, 2022
Five Causes of Hives in Kids

Five Causes of Hives in Kids

It can be scary and concerning when your child breaks out in hives. The itchy red patches of skin can burn and cover large areas of the body. Here are some reasons your child may be developing hives and what you should do about them.
Feb 1st, 2022
How to Prevent Eczema Flare-ups

How to Prevent Eczema Flare-ups

The itchy, dry skin of eczema is prevalent among children. If your child suffers, you want to make them as comfortable as possible. Here’s how to help your child avoid serious flare-ups and keep eczema at bay.
Jan 1st, 2022
What to Do About a Spider Bite

What to Do About a Spider Bite

A spider bite is usually a minor injury, even in a small child. Here’s how to take care of the bite and when to be concerned about symptoms.
Dec 1st, 2021
Five Benefits of a Pediatric Sports Physical

Five Benefits of a Pediatric Sports Physical

A pediatric sports physical ensures your child is healthy enough to play this season. The exam can also detect underlying conditions that may inhibit their performance. Here’s five reasons you should bring your child in before they play.
Nov 1st, 2021
The Importance of Treating Insect Bites

The Importance of Treating Insect Bites

If your child spends any time outdoors, they’re likely to experience a bug bite or sting once in a while. While many of these bug bites are harmless, it’s important to monitor them, treat them carefully, and watch for complications.
Oct 3rd, 2021
The Warning Signs of Asthma

The Warning Signs of Asthma

The first step in managing your child’s asthma is getting an accurate diagnosis. If you see warning signs in your child, get a breathing evaluation. An early asthma diagnosis helps your child avoid triggers and prevent complications.
Sep 1st, 2021
How to Know If Your Child Has a Food Allergy

How to Know If Your Child Has a Food Allergy

One in every 13 children has a food allergy. Food allergies range in severity from mild stomach distress to life-threatening anaphylaxis. Here are some tips to help you figure out if your child has a food allergy and what to do.
Aug 8th, 2021

The Benefits of Circumcision for Your Child

Whether or not to circumcise is a big decision for parents of baby boys. Here are some of the reasons you should have your infant undergo this minor surgical procedure.
Jul 27th, 2021

Tips to Get Your Child to Stop Scratching an Insect Bite

Your child just can’t keep their hands off the site of an insect bite, and who can blame them? It’s uncomfortable. Here’s some tips as to how to prevent your child from scratching so much that it causes inflammation and possible infection.
Jun 23rd, 2021

Summertime Skin Care Tips for Your Child With Eczema

You know weather can cause flare-ups in your child’s eczema. As summer approaches, the heat, humidity, sweat, and sun can irritate your child’s delicate skin. Here are some tips to help keep your child comfortable this summer.
May 13th, 2021

How Do Vaccines Work?

Vaccines protect your child from devastating and deadly diseases. Learn how they do this and why it’s important to get your child vaccinated on schedule.
Apr 7th, 2021

How UTIs Can Become Chronic if Your Child Isn't Circumcised

Some families make the decision to circumcise their baby boy for cultural and social reasons. A circumcision is also important step in ensuring your child’s health, because circumcision helps prevent recurrent UTIs in baby boys.
Mar 8th, 2021

Common Food Allergies in Kids

Food allergies cause reactions that range from mild to life-threatening. Learn which foods most commonly cause allergic reactions and how we can help with diagnosis and treatment.
Feb 9th, 2021

Myths and Facts About Circumcision

The American Academy of Pediatrics says the benefits of circumcision outweigh the possible disadvantages, yet many parents are hesitant to have the procedure done on their baby boy. Here’s what you should consider when weighing your decision.
Jan 7th, 2021

Helping Your Child Manage Their Asthma

Asthma doesn’t have to stop your child from being a kid. With proper management, they can still play, go to school, and enjoy the outdoors. Learn what you can do to help your child thrive despite their asthma.
Nov 4th, 2020

The Link Between Ticks and Lyme Disease

Lyme disease results when you’re bitten by an infected tick. When Lyme is treated early, you can recover quickly. If it’s not treated, you may suffer serious health complications. Learn how to prevent your child from being exposed.
Oct 1st, 2020

3 Benefits of Circumcision for Your New Baby

When you find out you’re having a son, the question whether or not to circumcise him comes up. It’s ultimately up to parents to decide whether or not to have the procedure done, but here are some of the major benefits of circumcision.
Sep 22nd, 2020

Which Asthma Treatment Is Best for My Child?

Not every child with asthma needs the exact same treatment program. Read on to learn what to consider when determining the best interventions for your child’s asthma.
Aug 21st, 2020

Pediatric Care and COVID-19: What You Should Know

COVID-19 is a concerning pandemic sweeping the nation, but your child has other health care needs that can’t wait. Learn when you should get your child the pediatric care they need and how you can stay safe while doing so.
Jul 28th, 2020

Which Vaccinations Does My Child Need?

Vaccines protect your child from devastating illnesses, including polio and measles. Children receive vaccines and boosters at different stages in their development. Learn which ones your child might need.
Jun 18th, 2020

Understanding Anaphylaxis

When your child has an allergy so severe it puts them at risk of anaphylaxis, you must take extra care. Anaphylaxis is serious and can cause death. Learn more about this dire allergic reaction.
May 26th, 2020

Who Needs a Sports Physical?

A sports physical ensures that your child is ready to play a full season. If you think having a sports physical every year is just too much, read on to find out why it’s an essential form of preventive care.
Apr 22nd, 2020

Menu Planning When Your Child Has a Food Allergy

A food allergy isn’t just an inconvenience -- it can be a matter of life and death. An allergy management plan includes menu planning, both for at home and when at school or social events. Here’s what you need to know to get started.
Mar 23rd, 2020

What Happens During an Asthma Attack?

An asthma attack can be incredibly scary, especially in a child. Know the signs and symptoms so you can intervene as soon as possible and seek help if needed.
Feb 6th, 2020

Most Common Sports Injuries for Kids

One of the greatest joys as a parent is watching your kids participate in a sport they love. Unfortunately, sports injuries are common for kids. Read on to learn how to prevent them.
Jan 9th, 2020

Spotting the Warning Signs of a Food Allergy

Worried about food allergies? Learn how to spot the signs of an allergic reaction to food in your child, and know when to seek help. This guide to food allergy warning signs could save your child’s life.
Dec 1st, 2019

Myths and Facts About Vaccines

Vaccines are an important defense against serious illnesses, but many misconceptions about vaccines and their safety still abound. Read on so you can separate the myths from the facts about vaccines.
Nov 1st, 2019

How to Help Your Child Prevent Eczema Flare-ups

Nothing’s worse than seeing your child suffer. And if they have eczema, it seems they’re constantly battling the irritated, red, itchy skin. You can’t cure it for them, but you can help them prevent flare-ups. Here’s how.
Oct 1st, 2019

What Are the Benefits of Circumcision?

When your newborn baby boy is born, one of the first questions you will need to answer will be whether to circumcise your child. Although previously seen as a religious exercise, circumcision is now widely seen as beneficial.
Sep 1st, 2019

The Link Between Stress and Hives

When your kid comes to you with itchy red bumps that aren’t acne or bug bites, they could very well be hives. This common rash can appear for various reasons, including stress. Find out how stress and hives are linked and what you can do about it.
Aug 1st, 2019

Can My Child Still Be an Athlete With Asthma?

If your child is one of the more than six million in the United States with asthma, you still want them to be able to play sports like other kids. Find out how to make that possible for your child.
Jul 3rd, 2019

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Minimize Asthma Attacks

One minute your child is playing, and the next they are wheezing and gasping for air. It’s almost as if they are under water and cannot catch their breath. Your child is having an asthma attack, and it’s scary each and every time it happens.
Feb 6th, 2019

How Children Are Typically Diagnosed With Food Allergies

Having a sick child is never fun. It’s even worse when they keep getting sick and you’re not sure why. Sometimes, simply diagnosing even the slightest food allergies can have a significant impact on your child’s health and happiness.
Jan 10th, 2019
circumcision, First Pediatric Care Center, PA

Top 5 Health Benefits for Your Baby

Though a highly personal decision, choosing to circumcise your newborn son carries several health benefits that will serve him for life. Find out what those benefits are and make an educated decision about your son’s circumcision.
Dec 7th, 2018

Top Treatment Options for Hives in Children

Hives in children can range from irritating to frightening. But whether your child has occasional mild hives or severe and frequent hives, there are treatment options that can offer them relief.
Nov 14th, 2018

Why There's a New Flu Shot Every Year

Summer is barely over, and sniffles and sneezes have already begun. Now's the time to book your appointment for your annual influenza shot. Discover what makes the flu virus so unique that a yearly shot is necessary to protect you and your family.
Oct 18th, 2018

The Importance of Childhood Vaccines

Most adults know that they need to vaccinate their child. You may not always know exactly why vaccination is important or how routine immunizations protect not only your child, but public health at-large.
Aug 15th, 2018

Managing Your Child’s Asthma While Traveling

Asthma is a common childhood condition, affecting about 9 million U.S. kids under 18. While there is no cure for asthma, you can reduce the frequency of asthma attacks and manage symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath with an effectiv
Jul 20th, 2018

5 Tips for Preventing Pediatric Sports Injuries

Organized sports can help children and teens stay fit, stretch their limits, and learn good sportsmanship. Here are some ways you can help your young athlete avoid injury on the field, in the gym, or wherever their sport takes them.
Jun 16th, 2018